I'm Sarah.

I'm an illustrator, video-maker
& multidisciplinary designer.
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Las Vegas editorial Illustration


Paper Suspension


Mixed media Oragami & analog video experimental excursion

digital, video, motion graphics, visual art

Las Vegas


Illustration for editorial piece about Las Vegas wedding culture for the Guardian. I used both hand-drawn and digital line drawing techniques to create this
collaged primary colour composition.

Illustration, Illustrator, Graphic design, Editorial

Film Composer


Personal branding, animated website and Stationary design for film Composer Samuel Karl Bohn

Samuel Karl Bohn is a London based film & television composer. He commissioned me to create a web-folio to show his work in an engaging way.

I decided to create a one-man music machine, to evoke the sense of process that goes into composing for film, but keeping the website simplistic and fun enough to navigate around. starting at the bottom: Sam’s biography, leading up to the input of film which then feeds up to the whirring cogs, and eventually back down and out through the music production; with the waving hand up on top as the point of contact and human collaboration element

Flash animation, HTML, CSS, Illustration, 2D animation, info-graphic

Virtual Curtain


Product release campaign, Illustration, Print & Website Design

Full brand identity, brochure, animation, website and info-graphic design for
SEL Environmental’s Virtual Curtain gas migration system.

My main task was to translate dry wire-frame and technical drawings into easy to digest info-graphics. I added humorous elements with the use of animals to keep content light and engaging

Info-graphics, Graphic design, Brochure, Website, Digital graphics, Animation, Illustration, Illustrator, Indesign.



Vinyl design and Video for Kailin's debut Disintegration LP released on Mistry Muzik.

Vinyl design & music video teaser for Kailin’s debut album released by Mistry Musik. Combinations of 2D, scanned in objects & 3D animation were used to fulfil Kailin’s desire for an organic yet fractured Sci-fi-esque aesthetic. I drew inspiration from origami, brutalist contemporary church design & angular architecture.

2D animation, 3D animation, Product design, Indesign, Illustration, Illustrator, Graphic design

Mythological Aves


Recycled Notebook & greetings cards series

Recycled Notebook & greetings cards series inspired by mythological birds,
featuring my original watercolour, pen & ink illustrations of Cockatrice, Griffin & Phoenix feathers.

Myths & legends survived as a story-telling tradition to provide us with codes to live by, fantastical accounts, that made the world that little bit larger, and inspired listeners. By incorporating the mythological creature theme to my recycled products, I hope to insight more sustainability awareness and appreciation for the immense beauty of living creatures today, who may be at risk of extinction.

Illustration, Graphic design, Photoshop, Product design, Packaging design, Indesign



Video & Vinyl design for O LP released on Fabric's imprint Houndstooth.

I created the music video and vinyl design for O record release. The video is densely animated with a combination of experimental techniques, alongside 2D and 3D animation.

2D animation, music video, After Effects, Premiere, 3D animation, experimental, vinyl design, product design, Graphic design

Renick Bell: Adapt


Video for "Adapt" by Renick Bell from his LP "Wary", released on Halcyon Veil.

Renick Bell is a pioneer of the ‘Algorave’ genre. – artists who create sounds and music using algorithmic randomized techniques. Renick asked me to produce a music video for “Adapt”, taken from his Debut album released on Halcyon Veil.

I created the video adopting a range of techniques including scanned in real objects, edited footage from analogue footage I had previously captured from a feedback loop, algorithmic distorting software and more traditional 2D & 3D software.

Music video, 2D animation, 3D animation, After Effects, Premiere, Ableton, Photoshop, Pixel Drift

S Olbricht: Floa1


Video collaboration with Dave Gaskarth, Floa1, by S Olbricht from his ZZM EP, released on UIQ.

Collaboration with designer Dave Gaskarth (Zip Design) for music video for
S Olbricht’s “Floa1” from his ZZM EP released on Lee Gamble’s label UIQ.
Our collaboration sought to combine 3D video with analogue feedback footage to create a gradually building, euphoric melding of imagery to compliment S Olbricht’s ecstatic song.

Music video, 2D animation, 3D animation, After Effects, Premiere, Ableton, Photoshop, Pixel Drift



Product Brand, Concept, Print & Website Design & build for Rainwater Harvesting Product for SEL Environmental

Full brand identity, logo design, brochure, animation, website and exhibition stand display design for SEL Environmental’s Skeletank Rainwater Harvesting Systrem product launch. I was sole art director responsible for creating a whole launch concept for the product’s reveal at Ecobuild 2010, Earl’s Court, London.

I used humour and bright engaging infographics to make the subject matter appealing and memorable, whilst crucially retaining accurate details and information.

Flash animation, HTML, CSS, Illustration, 2D animation., graphuc design, brochure, print, digital, HTML5, CSS

“Fish cannot carry guns.”

Fish cannot carry guns


Live performance at Praxis - text and sound series, curated by Simon Pomery.